Online Belgian and French Archives

This is a list of online archives for all departments of France, provinces of Belgium and the Province Québec, Canada. For France, you will notice numbers after each name. France was divided into "Departments" by the new Republic of France in 1802 and were numbered in alphabetical order. Before the Reign of Terror, France existed by provinces, as part of the 'Ancien Régime' up until 1789. Each department varies on what is scanned and available for viewing. Some departments will have all types of records; parrish, civl, census and military available, while others offer only one or two types of records. Here's what you will find: Registres Parroise (church records), état civil (civil vital records); Recensements de population (census); Registres matricules (military enlistments). Most require you to either open a free account or respond to their stipulations that you are using their services for private use, that you not will gather and sell the records they offer. They charge a fee if you use their records in some sort of business venture. There are a few websites that require you to pay a fee to download records.

Sincerest Thanks Emmaunel Hamel, Guy Brunet, Didier Jourdan, Virginie Colboc, Hubert Barnich, Jean-Jacques Myette, André Bodart and to the numerous people from the YahooGroups- Cousins-14, Genea-Orne, Geneloiret45, GeneaBEL, GenWalBrun group, wallonia-asbl who have helped me with tracking down ancestors, ancestry charts, documents, translations, and research. To them, I'm forever grateful.