Examining Baptismal Record Examples #2
These next 12 documents are a sampling from different departments. Here, you can practice what you've learned at your own pace. You will need your notebook again, pencil, and magnifing glass. You will see a sampling of different handwriting, some clearer, some 'scratchy', some smudgy,some with cramped letters. Your study on baptism records should help you with the phrasing and training your eyes to spot it. Look carefully for a 'dit' name in one of the records.. Have your flash list ready. Study one example at a time, concentrate on the highlighted words and phrases, write them down, (you should be able to memorise some words, or at least after this you will), and then arrange the important data. Some names are undecypherable, just write what you see. Don't worry if you 'can't get it', none of us can in the beginning. You can move on to another one, and come back to it later on. With each attempt, with each study, you only put yourself forward. Remember, Perservenace, Committement, Time, Study.

  • 1 Baptism Record from Dammaire, Eure-et-Loire, France
  • 2 Baptism Record from Warnécourt, Ardennes, France
  • 3 Baptism Record from Etaples, Pas-de-Calais, France
  • 4 Baptism Record from Alencon, Orne, France
  • 5 Baptism Record from Saint Contest, Calvados, France
  • 6 Baptism record from Lucé, Eure-et-Loire, France
  • 7 Baptism record from Beuzeville, Eure, France
  • 8 Baptism Record from Beuzeville, Eure, France
  • 9Baptism Record from Dammaire, Eure-et-Loire, France
  • 10Baptism Record from Les Authieux-sur-Calonne, Calvados, France (Difficult)
  • 11 Baptism Record from Villecloy, Meuse, France
  • 12 Baptism record from Rarecourt, Meuse, France (Difficult)

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