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Census Records of the town of Cuesmes,
Province of Hainaut, Belgium

These census records of the village of Cuesmes, in the Province of Hainaut, recovered at FamilySearch

Back in late December 2023, FamilySearch committed a big snafu, and published images they weren’t supposed to. The Belgian Government gave FamilySearch a big slap on the hands. They removed most of the population records and the offensive civil records for the Province of Hainaut. Fortunately, FamilySearch had a second, somewhat damage set of films, that partially contain collection of years, indexes and census images. It does not contain all of what was offered before. The Census of Cuesmes were scattered across different years and were disorganized to view.. Same years were dispersed through different volumes. What a mess! So in keeping with ‘Making French Genealogy Easier’ philosophy (I do this so you don’t have to), I organized what was left so as to be easier to navigate. I don’t know how long these images will be available, but I do hope they will be remain permanently.

  • population registers of Belgium are equivalent to our American censuses.

Cuesmes (index & population registers still available)





















































































































































































































































































































































































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