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The French Revolution Condemned and their Crimes

Several genealogy sites carry searchable databases of the names of the condemned but don’t include the descriptions of detailed information concerning the charges against the accused or the place of the trial. You can easily use an online translator to understand the details of their crimes. There are many exciting stories of assassination attempts, conspirators, death of political priests, and much more.

To look for the names of those who were condemned to death, with some of the executed having brief to lenghty details, is recorded in Louis M. Prudhomme’s books  (1796). ‘Dictionnaire des individus envoyés à la mort judiciairement: révolutionnairement et contre-révolution, pendand la révolution France ‘

It’s a wonderful resource but has some errors of towns recorded in the wrong departments.

All the names are in alphabetical order.


Dictionary- Volume 1

Names that begin with A-H, start on page 105 for the dictionary of Names. The first part of the tome is filled with information concerning the trials, members of counsels, judges and more, but it’s all in French.

Dictionary volume 2

Names that begin with I-Z, starts on page 11. This tome also contains supplementals of the executed, divided by several different filters. They do not appear in the original dictionary.

It’s time consuming but typing the data of the charge of crimes leveled against the accused into an online translator to get a good idea of the meaning.


Browse through the Rathelot Collection of those who were brought before the French Revolutionary Tribunal in Paris and executed between March 1793 – September 1794.


Visit my new website of searchable database of the names of the people and their information of the condemned recorded by Louis Prudhomme. This is an ongoing project.




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