Unlock the Secrets of Your French & Belgian Ancestry

Genealogy Questions

Unlocking the secrets of your French and Walloon (French Belgium) ancestry use to be a herculean feat for English language only people.. Where to start, where to look, how to make sense in what you are reading, and how to navigate through the complicated archival websites.

Today’s French Genealogy research has exploded with online search engines, ancestry sites, and information from numerous websites. With all that, you can still run into prickly brick walls

  • You don’t know the language,
  • You don’t know the town your ancestors came from
  • Deciphering sloppy handwritten old records
  • How to understand what you are seeing
  • navigate through complicated French websites of birth, marriage and death records, censuses and military enlistments documents

Good news is, you, as a English language researcher, can research more easily with the help of my step-by-step how to tutorials. How to find and navigate through difficult online French archival websites , military enlistments records, census records, and other documents of genealogical value.

And you can do it for free and cheaply.