Easily Find Belgium Military Records (Wallonia)

During the First French Republic, in what we now know as the Provinces of Namur and Luxembourg, Belgium, was then part of the department of Sambre-et-Meuse of France. Today, that department no longer exists.

You can find early Belgian military enlistments from 1830s to late 1800s military enlistment records for the Province of Luxembourg at FamilySearch. They are part of ‘extracts’ that are sandwiched in with each male’s marriage record of the town they were married in.

(Those extracts also include additional records and information on the married couple’s family).

A lot of the towns in the Province of Luxembourg, have had the extract images pulled out and relocated in sections called ‘annexes’, and grouped by years. Besides the military enlistments, you could find death and birth records of parents and even grandparents. As at this writing, the annexes are not searchable but browsable. Despite the time-consuming effort to look through towns, it is well worth it. The information found in the enlistment records also contained physical descriptions.

Memoire des Hommes; Military Enlistments of the ‘L’Ancien Régime 1682-1793 Military Enlistments and Campaigns of the Ancient Regime. Also includes men from what is now known as Belgium. This is a MASSIVE browsable depository of all recorded enlistments with images, of different branches of army i.e. Infantry, Calvary, Artillery and more. It covers the names of soldiers, towns of Enlistments and battlefields. Early records have regions and Provinces (ex: Anjou) that might not exist today. Unfortunately, this is not a searchable database, only a browsable one. There are filters on the right side of the page that help narrow down fields so you can browse better. Click here for instructions on how to navigate through this database..

Mémoire des Hommes 1802-1815
Napoleonic War enlistments searchable database. Includes enlistments from areas now known as Belgium.

Belgium Military Records of the Province of Hainaut-
New! Easy to find Belgium’s nineteenth century and even some mid 1700s military & enlistment records published available towns in Hainaut

The War Dead Register
New! A searchable database of First and Second World War’s Belgian casualties

In Flanders Field-1914-1918
A searchable list of soldiers’ names of Belgians who died in WWI- This is an on-going project

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