Need a Researcher?

Let’s face it, some simply do not have the time or the desire to browse through towns and registers hoping to find their ancestor’s vital records. You just rather someone did it for you. This is where I come in

This is what I do:

Search through the Archive Departementals of France or the Archives of Belgium, which includes parish and civil birth/baptism, marriage and death records, census, military records. and FamilySearch has the treasured French Canadian ‘Drouin” collection, along with French Military Records from France.

Extract only and all relevant vital information that is available on the document. Names, dates, places ect ( I do not translate the whole document)

Send the vital info, GEDcom, images or the links to the images to you.

Will search for additional generations of your family name, their spouses and children

I’m not a certified or professional genealogist, nor do I work for anyone. I charge $30 an hour of research which is a lot less than most genealogists services. The typical time frame of researching usually starts at 3 hours for a small family tree and 6-or more for a multi-generational family tree. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to extract info from multiple documents.

*Free- One person search for either birth/baptism, marriage or death record plus record (if I find it)

What I need from you:

The name (s) you want me to research and the name of the town (canton or commune) your ancestor came from in France, Belgium and French Canada

How many hours you want me to research. Then pay for that amount before I begin.

Which Records do you want me to look at. The choices are Birth/Baptism, Marriage, Death/Burial, Census (years vary), Military (if available)

You must have the Town name in order to proceed. If you have just the department, I can still search for you but it would be very expensive looking through the hundreds of towns

Looking up records in the Archive Departmentales of France, Belgium and French Canada and extracting the information is very time consuming. This is why I charge for my time.

Also, If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m here to help.

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