It Takes a Genealogy Village….

I did not travel on my French and Belgian genealogy road alone. Once I was able to find records in the US, which lead me to records in Quebec, and then finally to the names and towns in France and Belgium, As I started the research (and it was a slow one), in France and Belgium, I was able to build a network of genealogists and distant cousins who helped me along the way with translations, guidance, genealogy records, research of family lines and recognizing difficult letters and words in older documents. Two of my distant cousins have also researched extended family lines and found wonderful databases for me to share with everyone. I’m so grateful to all of them for their help and guidance.

My Sincerest Gratitude to:

French Side:

  • Emmanuel Hamel
  • The late Guy Brunet
  • Calvados 14 email group,
  • Virginia Colboc
  • Didier Jourdain
  • Estelle Nadeau
  • Alain Bazot

Belgian Side:

  • Hubert Barnich
  • Arthur Lezin
  • Jean Jacques Myette
  • André Bodart
  • Paul de Clerck
  • Eliott Girardi
  • Paulette Baudon
  • All the wonderful people at the GenWalBru google group

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