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Navigating The Online Archives of Hautes-Pyrénées

The department of Hautes-Pyrénées can be a bit confusing to navigate, as they have two different sections in two locations to find information to images: The archives repository which contains all images of the parish and civil records, the censuses with the years available, military enlistments and passeports. Second Section is the ‘Search by name’ page where you enter a name search through all of Hautes- Pyrénées genealogical repositories . It’s great, but not all is index. It could also have obstacles. If the last name you’re searching for has different spellings, the last name may not show up..

Step-by-Step tutorial: On the front page of the Haute-Pyrénées Archives page. You will notice the top menu, hover over ‘Archives en ligne” and then click on “accès thématique‘ from the dropdown menu..



2) The ‘accès thématiques’ page has all the different categories of records and images to go through. We are only going to focus on the column on the left with the genealogical information to search through. . In this example I have “les registres d’état civil” link highlighted with an arrow. Click on that.



Once you’ve clicked on the “Les Registres d’état civil (civil records) link. It will bring you to this page. You’ll notice at the top right, under ‘communes anciennes et actuelles” , a blank search space with a blue lined square on the right side of search feature. That is the drop down list of the towns in Haute-Pyrénées arranged alphabetically. Click on the commune ‘Adé under “A”s.



Which brings up the list of all the years available for viewing. To make it easier, I used the date filter to enter 1850 as the year to bring up, There are 3 results. One for ‘N’ ( ‘naissances’ /births), ‘M’ for marriages and “D” (décès /deaths). . I chose “N” for this example:



And here you are. I hope this navigational tutorial for the Archives of Hautes-Pyrénées has been helpful! Happy Searching!



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