Tutorial 9b – Navigating “Memoires des Hommes” French Military Enlistments: 1682-1793

Using the filters: We will look closely at this panel on the right. You will see “Filtres”. There are filters of ‘Arme” and Unité. We will not use the ‘cote’ or ‘instrument de recherche’ filter for this demonstration.

Use the drop down filter for Arme. This will show you the the types of army and divisions; artillery, cavalry, infantry, dragons (look that up) royal police units, Hussards, Swiss soldiers, Invalides: soldiers who were sick or wounded, invalid out or later died from injuries or diseases, French gardes, Chasseurs, and the rest. Click on one, let’s say infantrie, and it will bring you to the results page. There you will find the ‘eye’ to click on to bring up the image documents.

Now, we come to the drop down list of the Army with it’s divisions, regions, and regiments, places where the Army units were stationed. Let’s scroll down to “16e régiment d’infanterie d’Agénois”, then click.

It is quite extensive list. Click on one to take you to the results page to get ‘introduced’ to all of the records and their information; years covered, the place, and the images for the records (Click on the “Eye”)

Let’s scroll down to “16e régiment d’infanterie d’Agénois”, (there are 3 volumes) then click. Choose volume 1 for this demonstration.

On page 3, you’ll find the beginning of the roster. You’ll see the table of names of soldiers with their information on the left. On the right side is the actual record with first name, last name and the name they went by (dit). These records also include names of parents, date and place of birth, height, campaign, military engagements, rank, and place and date of death during the engagements if

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